About Artist


The larger than life canvases, the bold bright strokes and an eye for detail come naturally to her, not just to paint a pretty picture but to depict life as it is. Aditi Agarwal, an upcoming artist, who, after traveling extensively and living in four different countries, each time pursuing a different level of art, finally found her homecoming in Ahmedabad. Her illustrations on daily mundane life are profoundly inspired by her travel experiences as her work certainly adds a zing to what we know as ‘everyday life.’ Spreading exuberance via her art, Aditi is one of those artists who literally wears her heart and her art on her sleeve.


An Alumnae of Bristol Old Vic Theater School in UK, Aditi feels, the canvas is not just her playground but a sacred place for her to express how she is feeling. Her paintings aren’t mere pictures, they’re stories, an anthology that tell a tale – be it the setting sun or our human world or the darkness within our souls – they’re relatable and abstract, they’re incomprehensible to the ignorant eye and yet they talk to everyone, even those who refuse to listen. One look at the painting and it begins to show you what you’re looking for. The best part about her art is that it is abstract and yet, understandable.

Aditi pursued a career in scenic art in the UK – the art of painting extremely large frames to be used as backdrops for plays and dramas at the theater. For Aditi, this wasn’t a challenge, this was passion which manifests itself on canvas as splashes of acrylic. Not restricting her form of expression to a certain medium, she works with all sorts of paints.