Her Story


Aditi Agarwal nee Sanghai, was a born artist. She believes that she gets the creative streak from her grandmother. Born in Nepal and schooled in Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie,India this effervescent and bright artist took up art at a very early age in life and started pursuing it professionally since the age of 14. But it was only years later that the passion manifested within her and urged her to take her love for art ahead.

Aditi studied professional art in school and from thereon went to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore to study it better in 2007. However, there was a slight twist in the tale – upon her return from Singapore, she decided to give up art completely and pursue something that was far away from her paintings, she enrolled for an Event Management course in Mumbai in 2011. She excelled of course, falling in love with the idea of organizing happy events for people. But art beckoned – it was almost like it had never left her.

“I left my art, but my art didn’t leave me for a single moment. It was always there within me, willing me to go back and pursue it”, she says. It was then and there that her decision was made and Art By Aditi took shape.

“I was always inclined towards painting on big surface areas – even as a kid, when I used to draw or paint, I’d first paste four A4 sized sheets together to make a larger surface area and then start painting on it. I did this without knowing what it was called.” But a little research showed her that the kind of art she does is called Scenic Art. Where an artist paints scenic backgrounds which are larger than life for the plays in the theater. And her decision was made – this time, her art was taking her to United Kingdoms where she learnt basic scenic painting techniques, layout and paint application skills, and colour mixing. Being a talented fine artist, skills of sketching, rendering, and painting were already ingrained in her. She also got a chance to learn techniques such as marbling, ragging, wood graining and texturing.

“I studied Scenic Art from Bristol Old Vic Theater School, Bristol, UK in 2013 and even worked on a few paintings for the theaters there – it was the best time in my professional career as an artist. I could finally see the meaning of my art, it was almost like I was born and destined to do this.”
Larger than life canvases, tight budgets and short deadlines, a briefing from the production designer and incredible palette mixing – that was what encompassed her life in the UK. In fact, the talented artist was one of the chosen few to be picked to an experience at The Royal Opera, London for a little while, owing to her brilliant technique and expert skills.

Having returned to Nepal after her wonderful and progressive London stint, Aditi was married to Yash Agarwal in Ahmedabad in Western India. While the city did not seem very hands on about art at first, it began to grow on Aditi. A loving family and some firm encouragement from her in-laws and her supportive husband, she stepped her game up. She says, “My parents educated me and made me learn about art, but my in-laws helped me put everything I had learnt into practice.” She got her own cozy set up in the green environs of the household and that is where her career truly began, the 27 years old endowed artist started ‘Art by Aditi’.