Colours of Divinity

Colours of Divinity (2006-2016)

From where I come, we worship 330 million gods and goddesses and that’s only one sect of people in this beautifully diverse country. With each god, comes a unique set of vivid imaginations – boundless stories of mystical mountains and thickly wooded forests, amusing tales of lesser mortals and their tryst with each god, I can go on and on!

And thus, with each god, comes a special kind of manifestation, no two gods have the same avatar of course! This gave me endless scope to work on my project Colours of Divinity – wherein I painted each of my divine, godly models into splashes of the colours they are defined by.

Lord Krishna – the most handsome and charming of all of the gods in the galaxy was known to have a dusky complexion and was always very popular with the ladies. His divine light shone in his playful antics and mischievous demeanour, as he pranced about in a bright yellow dhoti, a single peacock feather adorning his head.

Lord Ganesha has a different story to tell altogether – the most intelligent and perceiving of all gods, Ganesha lost His head to His father’s Lord Shiva’s unknowing wrath and had been replaced by that of an elephant. Fond of food and witty in his conduct, Lord Ganesha is the beginning of everything while His father is the great destroyer, the end of it all.